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2023 DEN Pitch Contest

Here is your opportunity to polish your pitch skill, promote your business, or convince the audience to purchase your product in just 3 minutes!  You will have the chance to win a cash prize along with the in-kind service.  

Video transcript

DEN Pitch Contest - DEN will host its first in-person pitch contest at the 2023 DEN Conference in Chicago, IL, at Harper College on April 13-15. This event was successful at the 2021 virtual conference, so we can’t wait to watch everyone pitch on April 15th! The participants can win cash prizes! You would have the opportunity to pitch your idea or product/service. It probably will be live-streamed on social media. Great opportunity to test the market! It is open to any registered conference attendees. So please register if you’re planning on it; time is running out. Sign-up is available until April 11th, right before the conference. We hope to see your name on the list!  If you have any questions about this event, please email or visit our website at See you all there! 

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