Agreement between Deaf Entrepreneurship Network, Inc. ("Management") and the Exhibitor Listed in the application. 

2019 Deaf Entrepreneurship Network Convention, Saturday, March 16, 2019 at California State University, Northridge, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91330

Payment: Exhibitor agrees to pay to Management the amounts set forth on exhibition application form.

A full payment secures the booth space for the exhibitor.  All payments are non-refundable, and cancellations are not permitted unless the event is cancelled. 

Booth, Decorations, Signs, Etc.: All displays, signs, etc. must be self-supporting since no drapes or pipes are provided. Exhibitors will not be allowed to nail anything into the walls or floors of the exhibit hall. The booth space will include 6' table and two chairs.  Any additional requests will need to be sent to Management via email at

Management shall bear no responsibility for damage to Exhibitor’s property, nor for lost shipments either coming in or going out, nor for moving costs.

All aisle space belongs to the Management. No exhibit or advertising materials will be allowed to extend beyond the space allocated to Exhibitor’s exhibit. Any demonstration or activity that results in obstruction of aisles or prevents ready access to nearby exhibitors' booths shall be suspended at the request of Management .

To insure proper sight lines for all exhibitors, side setbacks and exhibit height and size must conform to specifications found on the Management's website.

Mechanical or electrical devices that produce sound must be operated so as not to disturb other exhibitors.

Photography and Video: Management reserves the right to create or have created for it photographic, video and other visual portrayals ("Images") of Exhibitors and their exhibits, including its contents and booth personnel and attendees. Management may use these Images in any pictorial medium of any nature whatsoever for the purpose of advertising, sales, publicity and otherwise, without compensation to Exhibitor and all rights, title and interest, including all worldwide copyrights therein. Aforementioned Images will be Management 's sole property, free of any claims of the Exhibitor or any persons deriving any rights or interest from Exhibitor.

Labor: Exhibitor shall make arrangements for labor at their own expenses.  We have volunteers available to assist with unloading and loading if available.  

Special Services: Electricity is provided by Management on first come and first serve basis.  Exhibitor is responsible to bring their own electric cords. 

Insurance Requirements, Limitation of Liability. Indemnification of Management:
Exhibitor hereby covenants, agrees and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless, and to insure Management, California State University, Northridge, the exhibition facility and the respective employees, representatives and agents of each of these entities from, against and with respect to any and all losses, costs, liabilities, claims, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and disbursements) relating to, arising out of or resulting from this license agreement and/ or Exhibitor’s use or occupancy of such space and/or the building housing the exhibition facility—including but not limited to personal injury, death, property damage or any other damage or injury.

Exhibitor agrees to carry insurance not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for personal injury and property damage, having the exhibition facility, its owners, and Management be named as additional insureds on such policy. Exhibitor understands that neither Management nor the exhibition facility maintains insurance covering Exhibitor’s property and it is Exhibitor’s sole responsibility to obtain such insurance. Exhibitor must provide Management and the exhibition facility binders evidencing the required insurance prior to setup for the #2019DENSoCal. 

Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to, but not limited to, the exhibition facility, booth equipment or other exhibitors’ property.

Move Out: Exhibitors are required to keep their exhibits fully installed and space manned until the closing time of the #2019DENSoCal, as stated on the #2019DENSoCal website.

No Exhibitor shall have the right prior to closing of the #2019DENSoCal to pack or remove articles on the exhibit floor, including but not limited to booth displays, without the permission and approval in writing from Management.

A $500 penalty will be assessed to any Exhibitor violating this provision and the Exhibitor will lose priority status for next year’s Convention.

All exhibits must be removed from the exhibit hall by the end of the day of the #2018DEN at the time indicated on the #2019DENSoCal website.

Eligible Exhibits: Exhibits will be limited to those company’s materials, products and services of interest to registrants. Management retains the right to determine the eligibility of any exhibit, display or product and at its sole discretion eject, reject or prohibit any exhibit in whole or in part or Exhibitor or Exhibitor's representatives upon Management's good faith determination that the exhibit does not comply with show regulations, registrant’s interests or that booth personnel's attire is not in keeping with the best interests of other exhibitors or the #2019DENSoCal.

Reuse of Space: If Exhibitor should breach any of the terms of this agreement or should any space remain unoccupied at the opening of the show, Management may use said space for any purpose it sees fit without affecting the original lessee's obligation to pay the full amount of rent agreed upon. Exhibitor may not assign or sublet any portion of the space assigned to it.

Additional Rules and Regulations: By signing this contract, Exhibitor confirms that they have read and agreed to abide by the #2019DENSoCal Guidelines found on the #2019DENSoCal website.

Amendments: Management shall have the full power to interpret and to make or to amend the #2019DENSoCal Guidelines and the show rules and regulations.

Deposit of your check or credit card charge does not constitute acceptance of this license. This license shall not be binding until accepted by Management evidenced by its signature in the space provided. Except as set forth herein, this agreement may not be modified except in writing agreed to by both parties.